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Residential Building Management

If you are a Director of a residential building management company that wants to retain overall control and direction of the management but require support, assistance and guidance with the day to day tasks, up-keep of the building and long term planning then Maylark can offer bespoke packages to assist you.

Maylark’s services are specifically designed for small to medium sized residential buildings. We are not a block management company but deliver services to the management company based on your individual needs. We are happy to work with any trusted contractors you use today, though are also able to introduce or supplement these with the contractors who we have relationships with.

The main services we supply are:

  • Resident communications
  • Building and grounds repair and maintenance
  • Support with Director duties
  • Building and grounds risk management
  • Management of day-to-day finances

Our experience comes from personal ownership of our own block of flats and from supporting other residential management companies and owners, for example, a 60 home estate on the outskirts of Crawley.

Residential Building Management

Our approach involves working with the Directors to define a package that meets your requirements, agreeing an implementation plan and then delivering based on those needs.  However, if you discover that the package needs changing after implementation, whether that be more or less support required then we are happy to amend it.  Our goal is to deliver a flexible solution which delivers value for money.

Below are the different components of our package which can be tailored to meet your individual needs


  • Handle enquiries, requests and communications from owners with a documented process.
  • Attend general meetings and provide an unbiased view on any issues or queries
  • Be visible around the building and include Maylark contact details on notice board.

Repair & Maintenance

  • Manage day to day repairs and maintenance (window cleaners, bin cleaning, gardening, drainage)
  • Manage long-term maintenance and repair plans e.g. paving and fascia upkeep
  • Source and manage any specialist professional or contractor works that may arise.

Director Support

  • Attend board meetings to provide an update on activities
  • Arrange buildings insurance and manage claims
  • Support and guidance with budgeting for larger projects.

Risk Management

  • Fire Safety assessments (by an external contractor) and implementation of any necessary actions
  • Health & Safety assessments (by an external contractor) and implementation of any necessary actions
  • Regular building inspections and reports (monthly or quarterly) including any remediation planning.


  • Regular billing and collections of service charges, including management fees
  • Preparation of an annual budget for service charges
  • Weekly or monthly payment of wages and other invoices
  • Company end of year return and AGM financial report
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