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Can you recycle black plastic?

Can You Recycle Black Plastic?

With the ever growing need for us all to be doing what we can to help our environment, recycling is something simple we can all do in our homes so I thought I would share something I learnt recently.

After being told off one evening for putting a microwave tray in the bin I discovered that black plastic can actually be recycled.  For some reason I was of the belief that this wasn’t the case.  This is backed up on West Sussex’s County Council’s website:

“In West Sussex we have access to specialised sorting facilities that are able to sort black plastic, which allows us to collect any colour plastic bottle or container such as yoghurt pots, margarine tubs or food trays regardless of their colour, just pop them in your recycling bin. Even though you may hear about what is acceptable and not acceptable to recycle in the national press, always refer to local guidance as this will be the most up to date and correct information.”

Whilst browsing the website I also found a very helpful leaflet which can be downloaded and printed which clearly outlines what you can and cannot recycle –—PDFs/A5-Fidge-Flyer.pdf

Now I may be in the minority who believed this to be the case but hopefully for some people reading this it will open up a new area of items that can be recycled (all recycling should be rinsed out and dry before it gets put in your recycling bin).

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